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  • 2
  • x
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  • x
  • 30 Days
  • =
  • $420 USD

  • Medium
  • 10
  • x
  • $7
  • x
  • 30 Days
  • =
  • $2,100 USD

  • High
  • 26
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  • $7
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  • 30 Days
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New Affiliate Program - 10-25% Commission !!!

Just less than a year ago Astrill has started as a small company offering a personal VPN service and today, thanks to our innovation, customers care and quality of the service, we are the leader in VPN market with more than 280,000 software downloads and thousands of happy customers world-wide.

We are pleased to announce today our "Affiliate Program 2.0?. Our new Affiliate program, like our software, is innovative - a participant can define custom discount rate for his referred customers. And not just that - we pay the most to affiliates than any other company would do - you can earn up to 25% just for referring a new customer to Astrill.

Now you would say: "This sounds too cool to be true... Is there a catch ?". No, there is no a catch and anyone can participate for FREE! All you need is a web site or just a Twitter or Facebook account where you can put your Affiliate link

What do I need to apply ?

All you need is to create a FREE Astrill account and you can immediately start making money by referring users on Facebook and Twitter. You can also contact our support to activate your FULL Affiliate account and after your account is activated, you will be able to promote Astrill on any website you want (blogs, business, online portfolios...). We need to approve each site.

How does it work ?

Twitter and Facebook are enabled by default for all users. You can see your affiliate links in the upper section of the My Referrals page inside the Members Area

Once your FULL Affiliate account is activated, you can add a site you wish to promote Astrill on.

Once the site is added and approved, you will see it in the list of your websites:

To get Affiliate link you can put on your web site (in this example, click on Get Link button:

Please note that each site must use its own affiliate link so we can track sales correctly. In other words, if you use the above link generated for on, we will not count any sales from

What is minimum payout ?

The minimum payout is $100 USD. You can request the payout at any time and we support: Bank Transfer, Perfect Money and BitCoin.

If you have any questions regarding our new affiliate program, please contact our support.

Please, also make sure you read our affiliate terms

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