Use Astrill on your router

Do you have a DD-WRT compatible router at home or at your office? Did you know that you can connect to Astrill VPN with your router? This brings you many advantages than using OpenWeb or standard OpenVPN connections!

Routers running DD-WRT are able to connect to VPN using OpenVPN mode. Basically, the DD-WRT router acts like your computer, but instead of only its traffic through Astrill VPN, it does so for all the traffic passing through. In other words - every device connected to the DD-WRT can get a total protection, new IP and all other features related to using VPN.

Normal Astrill account is limited to one use on one device at the same time. Imagine you have a PC, Mac, Tablet, SmartPhone and an MP3 player. Usually, to be able to use all of these with Astrill VPN you would have to either purchase multiple accounts or always log out from one device and log in with another one. That is very uncomfortable, especially, when somebody else wants to use Astrill meanwhile you are using it.

We have put an end to these troubles. With DD-WRT installed on your router, you can share Astrill VPN with up to 7 devices connecte to it. Why not to make things easier?

Router DD-WRT OpenVPN connection allows several modes that you may administer using the router interface at its local LAN address. You may choose from many servers (all that have OpenVPN mode installed) allowing you to choose from over 80 IPs. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us about getting you a dedicated IP solution!

In the settings, you may also choose from several VPN modes:

  • Tunner all Web sited through VPN - this allows the best privacy protection there is, but may slow down your speed a bit
  • Tunnel all international sites through VPN - use this mode only if you want to unlock a geo-blocked content (e.g. TV streaming). Local websites will be pushed through directly, thus the speed wont be affected at all.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a DD-WRT compatible router today and start using Astrill VPN with more ease than ever before!

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