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First, please tell us how many licenses you need. After that, you will see all prices recalculated accordingly to your demands.

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Price of membership for selected period:    $2,100.00

With Astrill license you get access to all Astrill's servers and software for all supported devices (Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, ...)
Each account can make 2 connections simultaneously - one from a PC and another from a mobile device (Android/iOS) when using Astrill VPN software.

Now all that is left is to add add-ons listed below.

The add-ons you select will be added to all licensed accounts.

NAT Firewall
  When Nat Firewall is enabled, no intrusion attempts from the Internet to your computer are possible as long as you are connected to our secure VPN. NAT Firewall works like an extra layer to your virtual shield. Learn more
$5 per month

StealthVPN for PC/Mac/Linux
  Brings better security with 2-layer encryption. Works on Windows/Mac/Linux. Works even in countries with high censorship, like China, UAE, Syria, etc.
$2 per month

VPN Sharing
  Share OpenVPN or StealthVPN connection from your PC with other devices (no special hardware or router needed). You just share VPN connection from your Windows, Mac or Linux PC.
$1 per month

  Our standard plan includes BlowFish 128-bit and AES-128 and AES-256 bit encryption. BlowFish is selected as default encryption in OpenVPN by OpenVPN creators. AES encryption is used on many web sites on the internet as a standard and it is recommended and approved by NSA (think why!).

CryptoPlus is a set of more secure encryption algorithms supporting up to 512-bit encryption. CryptoPlus can be used with Astrill OpenVPN protocol only. CryptoPlus encryption algorithms are not endorsed or affiliated by NSA in any way. Currently we offer these encryption algorithms with CryptoPlus:
BlowFish 256-512-bit, CAST 128-512 bit and Camellia 128-256 bit. CAST is used in PGP software and Camellia is Japanese and European encryption standard.
$2 per month

Unlike other add-ons, this one is priced based only on membership length, not number of licenses. You have to set up your router with the main account.
Brings better security with 2-layer encryption. Supports Fast mode - allows speed on your router from 20 mbit/sec or more. Standard OpenVPN solution is limited to about 8-10 mbit because of slow CPU in your router. Works even in countries with high censorship, like China, UAE, Syria, etc.
$8.33 per month

Price of add-ons for selected billing period: $6,000.00

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